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Just the facts about sexual orientation & youth (PDF)
• Dr. Robert Minor's current "Minor Details" column and past issues.
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Resources that can be checked out of our library

We have a good selection of reading materials in our library. Feel free to browse the library and check items out when you are at one of our monthly meetings. A list of our books, grouped by subject is given below.

'Bi lives' by Kata Orndorff, 1999 (Bisexual women tell their stories)
'Bi men' by Suresha, Chvany, 2005 (stories from bi men)
'Bisexuality - a reader & source book' by Thomas Geller, 1990 (Bisexuality)
'Derleth: Hawk and Dove' by D. Grobe Litersky, 1997 (Biography of August Derleth -bisexual)
'Dual Attraction' by Weinburg, Williams, Pryor, 1994 (Understanding Bisexuality)
'Vice Versa' by Marjorie Garber, 1995 (Bisexuality)

'A Journey to Moriah' by Rhea Murray, 1998 (Gay son)
'Angels in America 2 book set' by Tony Kushner, 1992 (A Gay Fantasia on National Themes)
'Becoming A Man' by Paul Monette, 1992 (A gay man's story of coming out)
'lost - Found (2)' by Marc Adams, 2005 (Story of a gay man's journey to self acceptance)
'Openly Bob' by Bob Smith, 1997 (A comic offers his perspective on being a gay man)
'Prayers for Bobby' by Leroy Aarons, 1995 (A mother's coming to terms with the suicide of her gay son )
'The Family Heart-A Memoir of when our son came out' by Robb Forman Dew, 1994 (Gay )
'The Preacher's Son (3)' by Marc Adams, 1996 (Marc Adams' Story)

'A Place at the Table' by Bruce Bawer, 1993 (Gay rights, ploitics and culture)
'Am I Blue? Coming out from silence' by Marion Bauer, 1994 (gay & lesbian)
'Coming Out An Act of Love' by Rob Eichberg, PhD., 1990 (Gay and Lesbian)
'Finding Out' by H. & S. Spencer, 2002 (ABC's of same-sex relations)
'Fodor's Gay Guide for the Pacific NW' by Fodor, 1997 (Gay Guide)
'Free Your Mind (2)' by Bass & Kaufman, 1996 (GLBT youth)
'Gay and Healthy in a Sick Society' by Robert Minor Ph.D., 2003 (Gay issues of life today - Society is sick)
'Growing Up Gay' by Bennett Singer, 1993 (A collections of stories by gays and lesbians)
'GSBA Guide and Directory' by , 1999 (A guide to businesses that are gay friendly)
'In Search of Gay America' by Neil Miller, 1989 (Gay in America in the late 1980's)
'Is It a Choice? (2)' by Eric Marcus, 1993 (Answers to 300 questions- Gay & Lesbian)
'Loving Someone Gay' by Don Clark, Ph. D., 1987 (A gay therapist offers guidance to gays and those who love them )
'Out of the Closet into Our Hearts' by Siegel & Olson, 2001 (Collection of personal stories of gay/lesbian families)
'Outspoken' by Michael Ford, 1998 (gay & lesbian role models)
'Positively Gay' by Betty Berzon, Ph.D., 1992 (New approaches to gay and lesbian life)
'Scared Straight (2)' by Robert Minor Ph.D., 2001 (Accepting Gay people)
'Silent Lives: How high a price?' by Sara Boesser, 2004 (Sexual orientation)
'Strength in Numbers' by Christa Brelin, 1996 (A lesbian, gay and bisexual resource guide )
'The Question of Equality' by David Deitcher, 1995 (Lesbian and Gay politics)
'The Shared Heart' by Mastroom, 1997 (stories celebrating gay & lesbian & bi)
'The Straight Person's Guide to Gay People's Anguish (2) An eye-opening book for both gays and straights ' by J. Castiglione, 1992 ()

'Becoming Visible' by Kevin Jennings, 1994 (Lesbian and Gay history)
'Gay American History' by Jonathan Katz, 1976 (Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A.)
'Gay Men and Women Who Enriched The World' by Thomas Cowan, 1988 (GLBT in History)
'Marriage: A history' by Stephanie Coontz, 2005 (Historical perspective on marriage)
'Stonewall' by Martin Duberman, 1993 ()
'Out in All Directions' by Witt, Thomas, & Marcus, 1995 (An Almanac of Gay and Lesbian America - history)

'Aimee & Jaguar' by Erica Fischer, 1994 (Lesbian love story of World War II, Berlin 1943)
'And Say Hi to Joyce' by Price & Murdock, 1995 (Lesbian Couple)
'Different Daughters (2)' by Louise Rafkin, 1996 (A book by Mothers of Lesbians)
'Family Values- two moms and their son' by Phyllis Burke, 1993 (Lesbian)
'Invisible Lines' by Barron Barrett, 1990 (Lesbian, women loving women)
'Love, Ellen' by Betty DeGeneres, 1999 (A mother daughter journey ((Ellen DeGeneres) )
'Nice Jewish Girls' by Evelyn Torton Beck, 1982 (A Lesbian anthology)
'The End of Innocence' by Chastity Bono, 2002 (Chastity Bono's memoirs -Sonny and Cher's daughter)
'Women in Love' by Barbara Seyda, 1998 (Portraits of lesbians mothers and their families)

'Civil Wars' by David Moats, 2004 (a battle for gay Marriage)
'Conduct Unbecoming' by Randy Shilts, 1994 (Gays and Lesbians in the U.S. Military)
'Here's What we'll say' by Reichen Lehmkuhl, 2006 (Growing up, coming out, & the US Air Force)
'Serving in Silence' by M. Cammermeyer, 1994 (Margarethe Cammermeyer's Story)

'How to make the world a better place for G & L' by Una Fahy, 1995 (How to combat homophobia)
'My Own Country' by Abe Verghese, 1994 (A Doctor's story about a town, it's people and aids)
'Summer at the End of the World' by Kirsten Kingdon, 2000 (Author is executive director of National PFLAG)
'Unnatural Quotations' by Leigh Rutledge, 1988 (A collection of quotes by or about gay people)
'What Did They Say About Gays?' by Allan Gould, 1995 (Famous Gays and Lesbians)

'Beyond Acceptance (3)' by Griffin, Wirth, Wirth, 1986 (Parents of Gays and Lesbians Experiences )
'Coming Out As Parents' by David K. Switzer, 1996 (You and your homomsexual child)
'Now That You Know' by Fairchild & Hayward, 1998 (A parent's guide to understanding their gay kids)
'Straight Parents Gay Children (3)' by Robert A. Bernstein, 1995 (gay children)
'Talking It Over' by Kay Mehl Miller, 2001 (Understanding Sexual Diversity)
'The Beloved and Bent (3)' by Allen-Thompson, 1996 (Families learning to accept Gays and Lesbians)

'10 Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You - but can't because he needs his job' by Rev. Oliver "Buzz" Thomas, 2007 ()
'A Biblical Defense Guide' by Craig Bettendort, 2005 ()
'A Catholic Mother Looks at the Gay Child' by Jesse Davis, 1997 (Gay-Lesbian/ Religion)
'Caught in the Crossfire' by Geis & Messer, 1994 (Helping Christians debate homosexuality)
'Dirt Greed & Sex' by W. Countryman, 1988 (sexual ethics in the New Testament-religion)
'Do's & Don'ts of Dealing with the religious right' by Adams, Tuttle, 2000 (Religion)
'Homosexuality & Christian Faith' by Walter Wink, 0 (Questions of conscience for the Church)
'Pastor, I am Gay' by Rev. Howard Bess, 1995 (A pastor's concern for gay and lesbian people)
'Stranger At the Gate (3)' by Mel White, 1994 (To Be Gay and Christian in America)
'The Church and The Homosexual' by John J. McNeill, 1993 (Religion)
'When Religion is an Addiction (2)' by Robert Minor Ph.D., 2007 (Religion)
'In the Eye Of The Storm' by Gene Robinson, 2008 (Bishop Gene Robinson's story as the first openly gay priest)
'Thou Shalt not Love: What Evangelicals Really Say to Gays (2)' by Patrick Chapman Ph.D., 2008 (arguments used against homosexuals and same-sex marriage, drawing upon current scientific research and biblical scholarship. )

Straight Spouses
'The Other Side of the Closet' by Amity Pierce Buxton, 1991 (Coming out crisis for straight spouses )

'By the Grace of God' by Julie Ann Johnson, 2000 (Transgendered)
'The Riddle of Gender' by Deborah Rudacille, 2005 (science, activism and transgendered rights)
'Trans Forming Families' by Mary Boenke, 2003 (Real stories about transgendered loved ones)
'Transparent' by Cris Beam, 2007 (love, family, and living with transgedered teenagers)
'Mom, I Need to Be A Girl' by Just Evelyn, 2007 (A transgendered youth and her mother share their experiences)

'Geography Club' by Brent Hartinger, 2003 (gay students form a club at school)